What is a piston pump?

When it comes to graco pumps, the quality assured piston pumps are available with guarantees of long life and safety under heavy use.

What is a piston pump? Essentially, it is a type of reciprocating pump which moves causing a liquid to pressurize by using reciprocating pistons, which may be one or many in number. These are typically moved by an electric motor through a crankshaft and a connecting rod.

There are a lot of different types of graco pumps, and all of these piston pumps provide at least one piston moving in a closed cylinder area. These pistons will move normally and have one or more rings as the piston movies and draws liquid into the cylinder.

Like most positive displacement pumps, these pumps operate by using the force caused by the pumping mechanism; contract and expand the moveable volume of the liquid. As mentioned before, these pumps are powered by electric motors but can also be powered by combustion engines as well.

These kind of pumps are used typically as hydraulic pumps which power heavy machinery. But, are also useful in various types of machineries like paint sprays etc.

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